Dream One: “Hark the sound of screaming fans”

I posted on Facebook how frustrating it is to compose something that is perfectly cromulent but which you know is not the solution to the problem, and after losing a whole week to grappling with Theseus’s first appearance, I was ready to slap down anything.

So I have.  It’s silly, silly stuff with a couple of good bits, but really, can you hear this being performed on a modern opera stage?  The faux-Baroque bit is too much to begin with, and now this lame bel canto?  I think it gets Theseus’s hucksterism right, but it’s just so unsophisticated.

But here it is.  Scoff in the comments.  I’ll be over in the corner working on a replacement.

Dream One, “Hark the sound of screaming fans” | score [pdf] | mp3

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