I got nothing. Leave me alone.

No, I didn’t get anything done yesterday.  I spent the entire morning on the phone with tech support trying to figure out why every component of the network was functioning properly and yet I couldn’t get onto the internet.

The more cynical among you—and you know who you are—will suggest that not having internet might allow for more productivity, but screw you.  It is actually crucial to my process that I delete emails from ASCD and Al Franken every 20 minutes.

We still don’t know why nothing worked and yet everything worked.  Very Zen.  Eventually we restarted everything enough times and in the right order that presto! I was able to wish people a happy birthday on Facebook.

In other news, I’ve decided to skip the end to Ariadne’s “My mother” bit and whack out the end of the scene, since it’s just recitative and a reprise. And I’m not likely to get much done there today, either, because yesterday my iPad fell flat onto the floor in the black box at the theatre, and shattered the screen.  A trip to the shop is required.  ::sigh::

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