Treading water

Here in the fourth scene of “Dream One” of Seven Dreams of Falling, we have Ariadne leading the way in a rather expository passage, i.e., the background of the Minotaur myth.  As she and Theseus trade pointed viewpoints about their roles in the story, it seems to me that we might want some kind of operatic give-and-take, if not an outright duet.  And it might still be an outright duet.

I can’t tell at this point, given that I’m treading water with the passage.  I have put a few tentative notes up on the screen, but nothing is appealing to me or making sense yet.  (For those who don’t know, I work in files that are labeled ‘Abortive Attempts,’ i.e., “4. Hark, abortive attempts,” where I simply abandon stuff that doesn’t work, insert new measures, and keep going.  Often I will find later that some of the abandoned material fits right in with the stuff that works.)

So nothing to report today, music composition-speakingwise.

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