Dream One, no such luck

So yesterday I figured out multiple accompaniments to the “bridge section” of Icarus’s first dream aria, none of which worked.  My gut feeling is that it needs to be some kind of melodic adaptation of that bass line at the beginning of the aria, with Icarus just kind of doing that opera singer skating above it all thing, but working that out is bothersome.  I may skip to the next scene, which is going to be even more of an issue, and get started being stymied there.

Or I may skip to the end of this aria and write that, then connect the dots.

Decisions, decisions…


I skipped to the end.  It was cheating, because I planned to use the “Flying in the sky” motive as the basis for Icarus’s ecstatic cries of “My father! My flying! […] My wings!” anyway.  So all I had to was copy and paste the accompaniment, add in some notes to suggest the final orchestration of Icarus’s melodic line from the first passage, then give Icky—no, really, that’s what Scott has Daedalus nicknaming his son—new notes for his new words.  Probably hackneyed.  We’ll see.  I’m not posting it yet.

Still stuck on the middle.

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