Back to work

I’ve been out of town at a wedding in Galveston, TX, a mostly harmless resort town along the lines of Panama City Beach or Myrtle Beach, so I haven’t been able to work or to blog.  In fact, I’m procrastinating getting started again on Icarus’s first dream aria…

To make up for the lost blogging, here’s a drink recipe.

My friends the Honeas gave me for my birthday a nice little liqueur called  The King’s Ginger, and it wasn’t hard to come up with something delicious.

It doesn’t have a name.

Unnamed Ginger Cocktail

1 oz Karlsson’s Gold vodka

1 oz King’s Ginger

1/4 – 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice

That’s it.  Very very simple, but you have to use the named liquors: the Karlsson’s Gold has this sweet earthy flavor that mixes perfectly with the ginger.

Also too: remember the “labyrinth tone row”?

One thing I’m going to play with today is inverted and retrograde versions.  Because why not?

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