60. Why do you ask?

Once again I have failed to blog on my birthday.  Bite me.

I can say that kind of thing now because I’m 60.  I can do anything I like now because I’m 60.  It’s like being 4, only with gravitas.

I can say things like people who are opposed to gay marriage are completely mistaken in whatever it is they “believe.”  Their “beliefs” are invalid and should not be granted the kindness of respect.  You think God wants you to behave like this?  No.  You are wrong.  It’s not OK.  Stop it.

The tax rate in the U.S. on the rich should be confiscatory.  Corporations are not people, and their charters should be temporary with a prejudice towards non-renewal.  Also, your copyright should not benefit your grandchildren.  All those fabulous societies in Hunger Games, Elysium, etc.?  They are based on our own foolish dispersal of the Commons.

International drug policy is flat out wrong.  Society should be treating drug problems—when they are problems—as health issues and not criminal issues.  Every substance, from caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol—to cannabis and psilocybin—to heroin and krokodil—can be placed on a continuum that goes from sacrament to recreation to abuse.  Our laws and policies should be aimed at preventing abuse, not sacrament or recreation.  (No, that’s not what we’re doing now.)

I do not understand guns and I do not have a solution to our nation’s sickness, but I do know that it would not be a bad thing if every gun in this nation were ground into little pieces.

There are probably other issues about which I could say whatever I liked, but I have the opening chorus of an opera to keep failing to write.  Yesterday I wrote four separate failed attempts.  I’m going to try to write at least three more today.  Bite me.

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