Horsefly Rag, part 2

OK, we’re going to pretend this piece is finished.  For all that I know, it is: it’s 1:45 long, and it has a great ending.  So what if the middle is crap?

I really do like the ending.  It’s subtly different/improved from the original version I posted Monday, including some happy accidents.  I love happy accidents.  They make it sound as if I’m wildly inventive when really it was a slip of the keyboard.

Yes, it could probably use another 20-30 seconds after the surprise in the middle.  For the time being, I need to follow Frank Gehry’s advice to his design teams: “Let’s let that sit there for awhile and annoy us.”

Horsefly Rag, as of 04/09/2017: score | mp3

3 thoughts on “Horsefly Rag, part 2

  1. No, too late, I’ve already deleted it from my hard drive and destroyed all my notes. I’ll never compose again.

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