Another drink, as an apology, in the spirit of the day

It seems that I missed the party at which the young UGA ladies were to be fêted.  Although I was not given a deadline before which I needed to develop the signature cocktail, I nonetheless feel bad.

I have assuaged my guilt by revisiting one of the drinks I explored during the process.  Unfortunately, all I could remember that it was a tequila/pomegranate concoction, i.e., a margarita with pomegranate juice (of which I now had a refrigerator-plenty).  I could have gone in search of it, but overcome by my grief, I just made up a new version.  I’m sure it had a name already but since I had to reimagine the whole thing, I’ve given it a new name.

Srta. Dawg

  • 1-1/2 oz. tequila, your choice, but for the love of Dionysus, don’t use cheap stuff
  • 1 oz. orange brandy, e.g., Grand Marnier
  • 3 oz. cranberry/pomegranate juice
  • black salt
  • lime wedge

Rim the glass with the lime wedge and black salt; dump the wedge into the glass with ice.  Pour all the other stuff into the glass.  Drink.

The combination of the salt and the sweetness of the juice is a very nice touch.

If I choose to make another one—it is Cinco de Mayo, that distinctive American holiday—I’ll take a photo.


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