Prepping for some labyrinthian upgrades

I have some plans for updating some things around the labyrinth, and the easiest one will be replacing the metal fire pit with a built-in one.  I already had some stones for another project, so I’ve penciled in where it goes and how it looks:

I’d sink it one round of stones into the ground, then the two rounds above ground as you see here.  It’s tall enough to rest your feet on.

Advantages: it’s permanent, slightly larger.  Disadvantage: when it inevitably rains during the Annual Lichtenbergian Meeting, I’ll still have to own a portable metal one.

Also, should it be three stones high?  I’ll have to play with that.


One thought on “Prepping for some labyrinthian upgrades

  1. Perhaps a support within the pit to lift logs off the ground, a little grate, would solve rain problem (unless you have to flee the area to seek cover). Improve air circulation, too.

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