Retreat, Day 2

12:30 pm: I slept later than I would have wished, but have been productive nonetheless.

I’m slogging away at transferring the vocals, piano, and strings to the Ayr template.  Sometimes this is a piece of cake, others not so much.  It will amuse those who know the piece that “10. Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way” took forever.  Not only are there thousands of time signature changes, but there are embedded, invisible key changes from  C major to A minor.  If you paste in material that switches from C maj. to A min., the new piece will transpose the differences.  Not a problem: you can insert the invisible key change and tell it to transpose, and all is back to normal.  But still.

When I got to “Marmalade Man Makes a Dance To Mend Us,” I went ahead and orchestrated the whole thing, since the whole thing was flute/recorder/clarinet/bassoon, and pizzicato cello and bass.  This is the exception  however: in the “big three,” the amount of divisi I had in the strings is disheartening.  I’ll have to find a way to cover/redistribute that sound.

All of that’s in the future—O lucky me!—and I should be done by Vespers.

Oh yes, we’re having Vespers.

At the moment, however, I’m in the middle of a hot tub break.  I popped out to make a note in Ego & the Dynamic Ground on some thoughts I had in meditation.

2:45 pm: I’m done with William Blake’s Inn, at least the easy part.  I’m now going to set that aside and play in the couple hours I have remaining to me.

I could start reconstructing A Christmas Carol, but that would be boring.  There’s also Simon’s Dad, but that’s too major.  So I think I’m going to play around with some more piano pieces, tentatively called Five Easier Pieces, because I at least plan for them to be easier than the Six Fugues.

4 thoughts on “Retreat, Day 2

  1. I was bluffing, relying on your usually obscure Freudian interpretations to rescue me. I never did see the Fugue slip-up until you pointed it out to me.

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