Cello sonata, third mvt, take… let’s call it 6.

I know, it’s been forever. I’ve been busy. And afraid. I’ve been busy and afraid. I decided a while ago what I wanted to do to this last movement, and now I’m at the point where I have to by god do it. Very very scary.

Anyway, I worked tonight. I had already lopped off the pastoral interlude bit, and recently added the three measures of the ending. Now I had to start hammering out where it went from where I lopped it off.

It’s off to a good start, I think, although it’s not elegant. And where it peters out is awful. I’ve left it for the moment, so enjoy its awfulness while you can. It won’t be here when you get back. Maybe.

If you choose to listen to it now, be advised that when it cuts off, there are two measures of rest, and then the ending as it stands now. See what you think.

III. Andante (Elegy): mp3

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