Honey please

From the Huffington Post:

Newt Gingrich, who is currently mulling a presidential bid in 2012, said at a political event in South Carolina (12/16/10) that most of America’s problems can be blamed on the “leftist news media,” Hollywood, tenured academics, overpaid federal workers, and unemployed people.

As opposed to Bush’s two wars; unregulated, criminal financial shenanigans; GOP obstructionism in Congress; and feed-the-rich tax policies?

Or as opposed to a disgraced has-been who deliberately poisoned America’s political discourse with his vituperative buzzwords?


8 thoughts on “Honey please

  1. Take heart, Dale. Starting in January, we can participate in some good old-fashioned Democratic obstructionism in the House. Nothing like parity to warm the cockles of my heart.

    For the record:
    1. NG is giving way too much credit to Hollywood, academic, and unemployed people.
    2. He’s on to something to a degree with the overpaid fed workers, inasmuch as the US is running way too deeply into borrowed money. Guido is going to get impatient at some point.
    3. It’s actually ConAgra that is the root of all evil.
    4. Actually, it’s ConAgra and Miley Cyrus.

  2. I’ve decided, after further consideration, to attempt to categorize America’s problems with sweeping generalizations in which I have not invested overmuch forethought (as it seems to be in vogue):

    “Most of America’s problems problems can be blamed on haters, poseurs, and people wearing uncomfortable shoes.”

    I think that sums it up pretty well, thank you very much.

  3. re: #2. Certainly it cannot be the overpaid executives at multinational corporations. It must therefore be the overpaid federal workers, who by merest coincidence are unionized.

  4. re:re:#2
    I will not defend the subject of your attack. They fall, conveniently and purposefully, into the third item in my list in my 3:10 post.

    To your point, the fact that they are both overpaid and unionized is not a coincidence.

  5. “Overpaid” falls of course into the category of if-Newt-uses-it-as-an-adjective-then-furrow-your-brow-and-purse-your-lips. Never proceed with an argument based on an adjective from Newt’s discourse.

  6. Of course, in Newt’s defense, he’s speaking to rich donors at the moment. After he starts campaigning, he’ll switch to Muslims and “arrogant” liberals, and the poor unemployed white crackers will forget he ever blamed America’s fall on them.

  7. Which speaks to your point of “sweeping generalizations” without “forethought.” I assure you, Newt measures every poisonous word for maximum impact. And if you were referring to me, I assure you I have given way too much thought to the causes of our economic distress.

    Missed you at the Meeting, btw. Could have used another mind on board.

  8. Point of clarification: “sweeping…” was intended to be simultaneously self deprecating and an ackowledgement that Master Gingritch’s discourse suffered certain weaknesses.

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