Cello sonata, take 2

I’ve been very hardworking on Friday night and today. The third movement of the cello sonata is about a minute and a half long at this point, and I dreamed the ending this morning, so it’s going nicely. I figure the thing needs to be about 3:30 or 4:00 long.

As I worked this morning, a strange thing happened. I suddenly realized that I did not feel like a fraud. I felt like a composer, someone whose friend asks him to write a cello sonata to perform, and who sits down and proceeds to do just that. It was very odd. I wonder if it will last.

This feeling was occasioned by the most recent additions to the Andante/Elegy, which if I do say so myself are intensely beautiful. Do you want to continue to hear this piece in progress or shall we do it like we did the Preludes and spring it on you when it’s done? I suppose it could be interesting to hear the changes as I tinker with the thing, but I really think that this particular piece will astound you if you hear it completed.

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