Muddling through

Let’s see. I had a cat go into surgery to find out why he couldn’t keep food down, and they found nothing, yet he’s back to snarfing canned cat food as if it’s nachos with no ill effects. He insists on climbing stairs and jumping onto furniture , a big no-no , and he won’t take his medicine.

I had a battery and cable die on me and so had to have the van repaired.

I went back into Prelude No. 6 and stuck another little baroque-y bit in before the 12/8 section–and then it started turning into a two-part invention which I am completely unqualified to write , so I’ve been hammering my way through that and it sucks.

I mailed off “Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way” to a competition elsewhere. The Newnan Vortex™ being what it is, I think I will not mention the name of the competition, because submissions are to be anonymized. (Scores are marked with a nom de guerre and a sealed envelope contains our identities.) Still, even if someone in V_____ came across this post, let’s face it: I’m still anonymous as far as they’re concerned.

I missed a competition deadline, a choral group celebrating some anniversary, because I do not have an a capella piece in my portfolio and didn’t have time to write one. After the cello sonata. Between the Ayshire piece. Sometime.

So it’s no wonder that my acid reflux has bubbled back up. Feh.

On the horizon, though, there’s hope: the Lichtenbergian Annual Retreat! Only 13 days! (Please, please, please let me have started the cello sonata by then!)

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