ATCs, et al.

Terry returned his Artist Trading Cards earlier in the week. I’ll have those out to the next artist on Monday.

In other news, I started tweaking Prelude (no fugue) No. 5 this morning. There was one measure, m.17, that bugged me. I know why: the harmonies/chords were slack. And I know why: it was one of those points to which I had taken a crowbar earlier, and those chords were an exact repeat of the earlier thread. I had inverted them, but that just weakened them. I considered un-inverting them and doubling them in the left hand, which would have made life a lot more interesting for the pianist, but after listening to the basic structure I decided it just needed new harmonies.

However, after tweaking and tweaking and tweaking, I found that I could best solve the problem by removing the measure altogether. I’m now claiming that the problem was structural, not harmonic.

More work is required.

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