Prelude No. 5, still

I’m still working on Prelude (no fugue) No. 5. It’s giving me fits, largely I think because it’s not the kind of music “I” write. I’m having to discover how to handle themes and motifs that are not a natural part of my musical language.

I persevere, however. I’m going to have at least some idea of how to structure it by lunchtime today. Which is 30 minutes away, so I’d better stop blogging and start banging my head against the keyboard. Figuratively.

update: Tell me what you think. I know what I think.

Prelude (no fugue) No. 5: score | mp3

(The first four Preludes can be found here.)

3 thoughts on “Prelude No. 5, still

  1. Maila likes it , she saw my announcement on Facebook and has already downloaded/listened to it. I suppose what I think is irrelevant. However, that will not prevent me from tweaking it a bit if I hear things that sound weak.

  2. I would listen to this even if I did not know you. BTW, we talked the other night about how this one may not defy expectations in quite the same way. In the end, it does. It threatens to become major several times along the way, and doesn’t. It threatens to conclude on the pp motif and doesn’t. It threatens (at least to my ear) to resolve that last bit, and doesn’t. Bravo.

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