Summer Countdown: Day 10

I spent a lot of the day doing errands and stowing materials all over the house.

The only halfway creative thing I did was work on labyrinth a bit. My dear friend Anne’s family has been clearing out her house, giving away things to those of us who loved her before they donate the rest to charity. I was offered the lanterns out by her “party patio,” a beautiful concrete circle that was the former base of a municipal water tower.

I’ve been looking for ways to light the labyrinth that don’t blind the person walking, so I gratefully accepted the offer. We’ll see if the work. If they don’t, I can still use them on the margins.

Here’s one, that I set up on the walkway to the lower lot:

The other three are identical, and I put them at the northeast, northwest, and southwest corners of the labyrinth. The southeast corner, of course, is lit by the fire.

I doubt I will get anything done tomorrow (today); I am having an upper endoscopy to determine exactly what might be the cause of my ongoing intestinal distress. Since that involves general anesthesia, I’m pretty sure I’ll be useless the rest of the day.

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