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I have actually accomplished one of my goals for the summer: to create five sketches for the piece I’ve been asked to write for the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra. Let’s have some fun with it. Even though the AFO’s conductor, Wallace Galbraith, will obviously make the decision as to which , if any , of the sketches he wants me to complete, let’s take a vote.

In comments, vote on your favorite, or discuss why they all suck.


This sketch is based on a piece generated by Marc Honea, playing with algorithms and synthesizers. Includes a glockenspiel.

score | mp3 (0:41)

The Labyrinth in Snow

A simple, Romantic-style work, featuring solo violin, cello, and piano

score | mp3 (0:42)


This will be a theme and variation, based on the hymn tune Resignation, best known as “My Shepherd Will Supply My Need” , this is just the opening of the statement of the theme

score | mp3 (0:54)

Rondo Mobile

I wanted to try something closer to the AFO’s “house style” of fiddly-bits kind of fiddling, but not quite folk dance. The opening theme will return to home base repeatedly after going very astray, which it does almost immediately. This fragment is the least developed of them all. The eventual piece would be the wittiest, almost PDQ Bachian in its determination to fall apart.

score | mp3 (0:32)

Waltz: Allegro gracioso

This is an arrangement of the third movement of my Symphony in G, the only movement I’ve completed so far. Includes timpani & bass drum (playable by one percussionist) and piano.

score | mp3 (3:54)

3 thoughts on “Vote early, and vote often

  1. My first choice would be Rondo Mobile. I’m intrigued by the concept, but more importantly, the clip left me wanting more. It sounds like a fun piece, both to listen to and to perform. Besides, I have a feeling you could induce laughter (of the good sort) if you so chose with this piece. That happens too rarely.

    My second choice would be the waltz, although I found Resignation beautiful as well.

  2. 1. Waltz
    2. Rondo

    I also liked Resignation a lot. . .thought my judgement might be skewed somewhat because I already knew the hymn. . .but really liked the arrangement.

  3. I really like the idea of having a song for our Labyrinth and this one fits. Keep this one for us.

    As for the Orchestra piece, The Waltz turned out very nicely, but Resignation would be a good choice also. In fact I found Vibes interesting but the music seemed slightly out of tune (maybe you were intending that). But the contrast between the opening and the entrance of the strings is intriguing. Also I love the use of the glockenspiel.

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