Summer Countdown: Day 34

A semi-productive day. I began arranging the Allegro gracioso from the Symphony in G for the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra. That sounds very productive, but I will confess that all I did was copy and paste the parts for the first and second violins, the celli and basses, and the percussion. I was very lazy and did not address the viola part and how I was going to transfer that to a group that doesn’t have violas, nor exactly where the piano would fill in some of the gaps left by the winds and brass instruments in the original.

I also painted a birthday card for Nancy Willard, whose birthday is Saturday, the same as Grayson’s. I’m going to count that because it was a painting of the labyrinth, and I actually did a good job with it. Consider it a study for the ELP, which naturally is set in the labyrinth.

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