Honey, again, please

This has been floating around for a couple of weeks, I think: Camille Paglia, always good for a chuckle, in an interview with the Globe and Mail:

This whole thing about global warming, I am absolutely incredulous at the gullibility of people. What is this hysteria over drowning polar bears? And finally I realized, people don’t know polar bears can swim! For me, the answer is always more facts, more basic information, presented without sentimentality and without drama. To inflict this kind of anxiety on young people is an outrage.

Mercy. Has Ms. Paglia gone all Emily Litella on us?

I think Ms. Paglia is entirely correct in thinking more information, presented without sentimentality and without drama, is our saving grace here. So here’s what I propose: assuming Ms. Paglia can swim, we drop her in the middle of Lake Michigan. That way, she gather more facts at her leisure and can tell us what her conclusions are when she gets back to Chicago.

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