Random thought

It occurred to me yesterday, during some completely unrelated musing, that I have been involved in theatre for 45 years. That might mean something.

2 thoughts on “Random thought

  1. It means you are getting old. You have more years in than me, and of course far more experience in those years.

    Unless you count the “plays” or “skits” we did in kindergarden. I have pictures (which I won’t show) to prove how parents mistreat their children, dressing them in ridiculous outfits. Mercenary that I was, I then went around to the neighbors’ houses and performed for a dime. Hey that makes me a professional, at the age of 5.

  2. If that’s the case, then I’ve been in for 50 years, since my first performance was as a ringmaster in some kind of circus play in Betty Jim Owings’ first grade class.

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