Devising from Object, parts 4 & 5

We spent Thursday night just shaping up the piece, adding bits, sharpening transitions, etc.

Last night (Friday), we ran through it a couple of times, then sat around and debriefed our experience of the week. People were overwhelmingly positive in their responses. The class and its strategies seemed to open up new worlds to everyone in the group. (Thank you, Marc, for making those worlds available to me already, and thank you, Lacuna Group, for continuing to explore those worlds.)

Small but intrigued audience, and we had one of those to-be-dreaded Q&A things afterwards, although everyone seemed interested in our discussion/explanation.

The performance went well, we had a great time, and in the event we created some compelling images. It has given me some ideas to help break up some creative logjams I think I’ve been having in Lacuna. Mostly, it was a good lesson in being bold and not looking back. Leap, don’t look.

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