The weather has been so gorgeous this week that I have been largely worthless in terms of creativity. I have come home, changed straight into kilt and sandals, and hit the back yard for some serious basking.

My plan is to use next week to work on my art, plus the herb garden and a little labyrinth work, so perhaps I can be forgiven for doing nothing at all this week. It’s been glorious.

In my defense, there is no better feeling than the warmth of the sun on your skin, and just now is perfect: warm sun, but not hot, and no annoying insects that require management. Just perfect basking weather.

The labyrinth is slowly reviving itself, looking greener and greener. The ferns have put forth fiddleheads and will soon be flourishing. The space welcomes.

Some days I’ve had quiet music playing. On others I just listen to the windchimes and the sound of the neighborhood. Sometimes I’ll catch up on blogs that are blocked at school. I’ve read an essay by Joseph Campbell that Jobie sent last week and annotated it. But mostly I’ve slept.

Somehow it seemed the right thing to do. You are always welcome to join me.

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