PBSQ2, 3/6/10

When you’re writing a piece that is supposed to “sag to a stop,” it should hardly come as a surprise when it just does that of its own accord.

I’m going to post what I’ve got, but what I’m doing now is taking it out to the labyrinth and listening to it for about thirty minutes, doing my whole gestalt thing, listening for where it’s incomplete or incorrect. Then I’ll come back in a fix it, if I need to. It will be interesting to see what changes occur.

As of 10:00 am:

Threnody: score [pdf] sound [mp3]

, , ,

11:00ish: (with 30 minutes devoted to making and delivering coffee for the Wadsworth gang) Yep, I know what I need to do.

12:45: Lunch break, in the labyrinth. More listening, more fixing.

2:45: I think I’m done. Comment away.

Threnody: score [pdf] sound [mp3]

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