PBSQ, 3/3/10

Here we go with the Pieces for Bassoon & String Quartet. So far, my plan is to have three movements. The first is I. Waltz, which some of you may recall from this past summer. I really like this piece.

The second movement will be a Rhapsody of some kind. More in a moment.

For the third movement, I am seriously thinking I want to take the “clouds” sequence from “Phoenix” and turn that into a quasi-rondo: have the strings launch into this intense, even romantic passage, repeat it, embellish it, make it impossible to keep up with. Relegate the bassoon to some deformed, crabby crawlings around either at the bottom of it range or at its top.

For the Rhapsody, I was delighted to find that I had started two sketches for this. So you get to help me choose which one to work on in the next eight days. Make sure you listen to the first movement first to get a feel for the overall work.

  • Rhapsody #1: score [pdf] sound [mp3]
  • Rhapsody #2: score [pdf] sound [mp3]
  • Rhapsody: #3: start over

What’s your pleasure?

2 thoughts on “PBSQ, 3/3/10

  1. Rhapsody #1 Most definitely. I look forward to hearing you work in the cloud bit again. I think that the second Rhapsody as an introduction to a piece would be fun to listen to, because it’ll evolve into something cool (I would imagine).

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