Reading: an update

I was appalled to find that I haven’t updated my reading pages in forever. I’ve done my best, but heaven knows I’ve forgotten something that I’ve read since last summer, and I have this persistent feeling that I’ve forgotten something wonderful.

Oh well. It’s just electrons on a page.

I’m doing a better job keeping my reading progress up to date at school, where I print out a big poster:

I got the idea from some media specialist newsgroup and adapted it for myself. I have to say it works. What is it that our beloved Lichtenberg says? “If you want to make a young person read a certain book you must not so much commend it to him directly as praise it in his presence. He will then go and find it for himself.” As usual, Lichtenberg was right. I’ve created a run on the Dead dog book and a swelling interest in the Ember and Green Knowe series.

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