A short rant

A young friend of mine just announced his engagement, and we’re all thrilled for him.

Isn’t that nice, you’re thinking, but why is Dale blogging about this?

This young friend just announced his engagement. To his boyfriend. In Georgia.

This delights me. I have no idea if this is the new “thing” in the marriage equality movement, but if it’s not it needs to be.

Think about it: we have no laws governing engagements, there are barely any social rules any more, and being engaged certainly has no religious overtones in our society. A steady progression of gay engagements is perfectly designed to make the right wing froth at the mouth. I mean, what are they going to do to stop it? Constitutional amendments?

So to all my gay friends out there, if you have someone to whom you would be married if we were a sane society, not that we ever were or ever will be, then go ahead and announce your engagement. Send it in to the paper. Have an engagement party. Tell everyone you know. Introduce your partner as your fiancé.

And when someone says, “Have you set a date?”, just reply, “Not yet. But we will.#8221;

2 thoughts on “A short rant

  1. A better response would be: “Actually, yes we have. The legislature of [insert state of residence of questioner here] just legalized it effective Tuesday, so we’ll be married that afternoon. Be sure to thank your legislator for me!”

    This, of course, will only be entertaining for you if the questioner is likely to start frothing at the mouth and making desperate calls to their favorite “family values” lobby.

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