Snow threatening

For the past several years, whenever we’ve been threatened with snow, I have stood alone in my hopes that school is not canceled.

My reason was simple enough: I usually had a very small number of days between the last day of post-planning and the first day of GHP, and I had no desire at all to have to sit in my media center twiddling my thumbs for any of those days.

This summer of course I have planned to sit in my labyrinth and drink paint, perhaps wearing some sandals and a possibly new Utilikilt. And so my attitude towards this impending snow day(s) is more in line with the popular mindset. Let it snow!

To that end, I stopped by the Kroger this afternoon and am fully prepared to tough it out by making Cheeseburger Soup, Yucatan Chicken Lime Soup, and/or Leek & Potato Soup, plus any number of breads, starting with Cuban Bread and moving on through French Bread and Whole Wheat Bread. If pushed I can make brownies, with or without walnuts, or a astounding variety cookies.

We can be snowbound until Monday and I will not suffer in the least.

Allow me to say that for me, “snowbound” means “there’s some snow on the ground.” I don’t get out in the stuff. It’s cold and wet. All of human development has been towards this point, i.e., that we don’t have to get out into the cold and wet stuff. We have constructed a civilization that is warm and dry, and that is where I shall be.

Feel free to join me.

6 thoughts on “Snow threatening

  1. Ambivalent on snow days here- pros and cons. Normally I’d not want one, but, as you know, I hate my classes this year. So, I could go either way. ON THE OTHER HAND, how about emailing me and/or posting your recipe for cheeseburger soup & the leek and potato?

  2. “We have constructed a civilization that is warm and dry, and that is where I shall be.”

    I think you are offering the closest thing to an expression of decadence your community could possibly stomach: adult enjoyment completely purged of those bothersome echoes of innocent childhood magic.

    Snow! Snow! Snow!

  3. Frakking telecommuting has eliminated any possibility of a “snow day” for me short of a concurrent blackout.

  4. I say decadence = adult enjoyment PLUS innocent childhood magic. (e.g. Pot Brownies + A Trip to Disneyland, Pitcher of Margaritas + Spongebob Squarepants Marathon)

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