Oh my, part 2

Sometimes I believe the Flying Spaghetti Monster has too much time on his appendages.

From the What?? Dept., the Church of Latter Day Saints has thrown its support behind a Salt Lake City measure that would bar landlords and employers from discriminating against gay people. Yes, the same folks that paid huge bucks to pass Proposition 8 in California are not as heinous in the day-to-day press of real life, apparently. And now they’re backing a statewide bill to the same effect.

But that’s not what has caught my eye. One Chris Buttars, state senator, explained his support of this bill but continued opposition to marriage equality by saying that while he doesn’t “mind” gays, he doesn’t want them “stuffing it down [his] throat all the time. Certainly not in my kid’s face.

Sen. Buttars (I swear I have not made this up) has also stated in the past, however, that gay men and women are “the greatest threat to America going down.”

Praise be to the FSM!

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