Labyrinth, 11/21/09

I had to build up the north edge of the labyrinth in order to have a level surface. Consequently there is a small embankment there. I have planted peacock ferns on the shallow end, but didn’t have enough to do the whole bank.

The problem was that at the deep end, where the autumn ferns are, the embankment was difficult or impossible to mow. The mower just chewed off the grass and dirt. Also, I found myself needing to step up that embankment every time I went around to light candles.

Since the element of North is earth/dirt/stone, I decided to install a little stone stair, solving all my problems with one solution.

Yes, there is a little cairn of stones next to the staircase, left over from the drainage pipe under the omphalos bowl. I need to embiggen it.

Anyway, there’s the latest addition to the space. I think I will tackle the western stone circle sculpture next.

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