Labyrinth additions

Down in Fernandina Beach, we came across a grinding stone at an antiques place. It was on consignment (one wonders who would have such a thing?), and the price was reasonable: $5.00.

What’s not to like?

So here’s the new table:

It will be a wonderful addition to sit next to the new adirondack chairs:

I have bought four of these. There were four in this other antiques place, but two had already been sold. I bought the other two, but then the man who makes them offered to make me four and paint them any color I want and deliver them from Tennessee. (His mother-in-law lives in Roswell.) I hope they’re in position in time for the Lichtenbergian Annual Meeting.

Update, 10/21/09:

I also bought this hurricane lamp, a nice big one, for a quarter of its original price:

It will nestle amongst some ferns somewhere.

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