An idea for the labyrinth

I was out on the Art Walk downtown last night, bought a new piece, and came across these at one of the antique places:

These look like pieces of old wall dividers, maybe like from between booths at a pub or something. The upper panel has been replaced with a mirror. (Yes, that’s Herman Fletcher in the first one. I’m in the other one.)

I’m thinking it would be interesting to have something like this, a tall one and a short one, installed together somewhere outside the labyrinth, so that as one walks it, one occasionally is confronted with one’s own image.

Reactions, anyone?

2 thoughts on “An idea for the labyrinth

  1. Actually, when I started reading the post, before I got to the part regarding your intent, I had a vision of a door standing free. If you’ve read King’s Dark Tower series, there’s some significance to the idea. It’s one of the enduring images for me from the books (it’s first used in Drawing of the Three, but again after that as well). A door (in frame) standing in a clearing, one that should tip over at a touch but for some reason won’t, opens the mind to interesting possibilities. Add to that the questions of what one might see (or not) or where one might go (or not) once the door is opened and you have read fun. Of course, if the door is locked there are even more questions. Where is the key, or am I just not the right person to open it? This is the detritus that Mr. King left me with from his free standing doors.

    I know it’s not what you asked, but it is where your (and King’s) words took me. Maybe when we find a different home, I’ll put doors in my grotto.

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