24 hour challenge #11

bumped from 6/5/09

Betty sends 4-365-12:

Small birds roost secure in the rhododendron thickets
By the walk to the locked garden

That seems very pretty, although it comes from a poem called “Burning of a House,” by Thomas Henn, ll. 10-11.

[If you’re just joining us, here are the instructions for the 24 hour challenge, as well as previous efforts.]

update: I’m calling a hiatus. The weather is gorgeous, and I need to spend as much time in my back yard as I can in the two days left to me at home. I’ll get back to this piece early next week, maybe.

further update: I ran into Betty Smith on the Square this morning, and she confessed that she was disappointed in her text selection. She was hoping for something serious and dark. So out goes the little I had worked on, and I’ll start over. Serious and dark it shall be!

6/21/09, 10:25 am

OK, you’re just going to have to trust me that I’ve finished this one, only three and a half weeks after I was supposed to post it. I have an excuse: after I got to Valdosta, I simply have had no time to sit down and work on anything like this. You will have noticed that I have blogged only once since getting down here, and that was simply to announce the cancellation of “Milky Way.”

And now it seems that my FTP server is blocking me, since I’m coming from behind VSU’s overzealous firewall. I’m waiting for it to be unblocked, and then I can post the results. It’s in the same vein as “Atlantic Beats,” if that’s any help.


24 hour challenge #11, “Locked Garden,” for Betty: score [pdf], performance [mp3], bassoon [mp3]

No performance at this point; I’ll have to do that in the morning when no one else is in the dorm.

4 thoughts on “24 hour challenge #11

  1. As everyone knew when I updated this post, I would not be getting back to it soon, I’m in Valdosta, doing all the incantations necessary for the start of GHP. Maybe Sunday morning… And if not then, not until Wednesday.

  2. I do want to point out before anyone else does that there are fingering impossibilities in m. 5. Sue me.

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