24 hour challenge #3

from Mike, 2-777-22, which gives us:

… I dance a
clubfoot’s waltz, my legs driven by horsemen,
bones hounded by lust.

Thank you, Mike! That’s ll. 20-22 from “Song of the Andoumboulou: 15,” by Nathaniel Mackey.

[If you’re just joining us, here are the instructions for the 24 hour challenge, as well as previous efforts.]

5/23/09, 9:46 am

Well, that was fast. I must have been inspired or something.

24 hour challenge #3, “I Dance a Clubfoot’s Waltz,” for Mike: score [pdf], performance [mp3], bassoon [mp3]

I really like the quartet. The vocal line I’ll have to grow used to, although the actual line “bones hounded by lust” I think is effective.

I just learned with this piece that I can record my voice in Finale, which is definitely easier to follow the score with these tricky rhythms. That cuts out using GarageBand in the middle. Now if Finale would export an mp3, I’d be down to one piece of software.

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