24 hour challenge #1

Wow, that didn’t take long. Turff, who has made lurking a point of pride, was first off the mark with 4-872-22, which produced the first line of P. J. Kavanagh’s “November the First”:

A long farewell:

See you tomorrow. (I’ll post the results here.)

5/21/09, 4:27 pm

24 hour challenge #1, “A long farewell,” for Turff: score [pdf], performance [mp3], bassoon [mp3]

My singing is quite awful. That’s OK, so is the piece. Everybody does understand these are going to be fragments of fragments, right?

3 thoughts on “24 hour challenge #1

  1. The fragment is poignant to me in ways you might not at first consider. “A long farewell” is something I understand quite well just now.

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