A complaint

So I’m surfing through Huffington Post this morning, I have the morning off because of jury duty this afternoon, and come across this article on “releasing energy” in your life that’s tied up in incompleted tasks. Blah, blah, blah blah. Sure, fine.

It links to this handy-dandy “incompletion trigger list,” so that you don’t miss any of those pesky tasks and thus remain mired in your own sloth and slovenliness. Go look at it.

Heavens to Morgoth, people, I think I’ll just roll over into a fetal position now.

Or is it just me? Are the rest of you delighted to find such a tool to organize that vague cloud of lowering, unfulfilled duties?

11 thoughts on “A complaint

  1. No, really, I thought, well, I’ll just copy it over to the word processor and play with filling it in. That would make a good blog post, wouldn’t it?

    I didn’t get past the first item: Professional projects started, not completed. I just froze.

  2. Suddenly you are a Luddite when it comes to technologies of personal organization? Hm. When did this shift occur?

  3. No, I’m not objecting (first typed objective) to the technological aspect of staying organized. I object to the exhaustive thoroughness of the list. If we could manage that kind of detail, we wouldn’t be in GTD therapy in the first place.

  4. Have you ever read the book that this is taken from: Getting Things Done? I had to read it for some class in college. His “time saving tips” are the most time consuming and inefficient ways of doing anything ever. If you follow his advice you spend your whole life organizing.

  5. I actually used bits of his process for a while. Then I discovered I sucked at that sort of thing.

  6. @Mike : I found the Outlook companion for the Getting Things Done book this weekend whilst getting things done in my Bonus Room. I’ve filed it. Please let me know when you are ready to proceed and I will photocopy and mail it to you (adds task to “Maybe/Someday” list)

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