I do not understand

So today’s Composer’s Datebook talks about Ellen Zwilich’s “The Gardens” Symphony, and it sounded interesting enough for me to buy it, if I were allowing myself to by anything before June.

What I do instead these days is go to Amazon and put it on my wishlist. That way, when I finally run out of things to listen to and read and am honest about being able to buy stuff again, I haven’t lost any of my momentary interests to the flood of time.


On Amazon, there is “one new or used” CD of this piece, for $68.88. It was released in 2000 and is clearly out of print. It is nowhere on the iTunes Store.

Why is this? In this day and age, there is no reason, none, not one, why a complete back catalog cannot be available on demand. It’s on CD, for heaven’s sake, it’s already digital. Just plop it on a server and serve it up!

Someone is missing the point out there.

3 thoughts on “I do not understand

  1. Concur.

    But if we are keeping it real, this is only a more extreme example of how seriously the music industry hasn’t got it over the last 10 years. Heard another story yesterday about how cd and now concert sales are down, and that event quantities of download sales aren’t replacing them. The morons that run that business spent so long trying to extort what were no longer justifiable profits out of the old model (and passing little on to actual artists), that they may well have choked the life out of the goose that was laying them the oversized golden eggs.

  2. I am very often astonished at music and movies that aren’t easily available in this day and age.

    Did you know that you cannot buy The African Queen on DVD? I’m sorry, what? It’s 2009, and I can’t get one of the top 20 best movies of all time on DVD? And it can’t be money issues with the Hepburn or Bogart people because there are other movies of theirs available.

    Whenever I get a hankering to watch this movie, I have to watch an old VHS copy I recorded off of Turner Classic Movies.


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