Labyrinth, 2/1/09

Beautiful day outside, and actual free time. So I worked in the back yard all day, finally getting the labyrinth seeded with grass seed.

Since it’s been over a month since I finished getting all the topsoil in, I had to go back and till the entire thing with my handy little garden weasel style tiller. Sounds hard, but it wasn’t, since the dirt was two inches of loose dirt to begin with. It only took about an hour to churn up the whole thing.

Here it is partly finished. I thought this was a pretty shot:

Here’s a close-up. In the afternoon light, the chunks of dirt formed lovely patterns:

Then I had to go back and break up all the chunks with a garden rake. That also took about an hour:

Finally, I mixed my two bags of deep shade grass seed with the bag of winter rye, and proceeded to sow my seed. Finally I covered it all with straw. You will notice that although my supplier sold me too much dirt (I’m still figuring out what to do with about three wheelbarrows full), they didn’t sell me enough straw. Or maybe I don’t know how to distribute it. No matter, I will buy more tomorrow.

I also did a general cleanup of the back yard, cutting up limbs and stacking wood; moving patio furniture around; and cleaning up where the old Mercedes -Benz used to sit. (We sold it last week.) The dirt there smells awfully of gasoline.

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