The dumbing down of our schools… not

I just spend 30 minutes teaching 2nd graders what a database was, how one works, how they use at least two nearly every day (the online library catalog and the Accelerated Reader™ quiz software), how I built and use one to keep track of AR™ Point Club tags, and we even built one based on a test question they had had.

Yes, that’s right, we’re testing 8-year-olds on what a database is and when to use one.

For the record, they were fascinated by my lecture/demo and a couple even asked how they might build one to keep track of stuff in their lives. I didn’t even have to prompt them on how we might sort the little cards I had them fill out: they were right on it with “last name,” “homeroom,” “birthday,” or even “homeroom THEN last name.”

This has been a message for those who are convinced that schools have gotten worse since they wrestled with Think & Do workbooks when they were in 2nd grade.

2 thoughts on “The dumbing down of our schools… not

  1. Let me know when you are ready for me to come in and teach them about Entity-Relationship diagrams and Third Normal Form.

    I didn’t have a Mr. Lyles that would geek me up when I was coming through school, but I DID have a Mrs. Wright, a Ms. Gill, a “Coach” Henderson, and a Miss Hall.

    God Bless You All.

  2. Most of them also recognized iTunes immediately and made the connection right away as how it functioned the same as my AR™ Point Club database and the online library catalog.

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