Something I did not know

I did not know until this very moment that the author of

is the same man who wrote

I am gobsmacked. I never made the connection.

(I found out at this blog, an amazing place to visit on a regular basis.)

2 thoughts on “Something I did not know

  1. Of course the Hobans wrote the Frances books, you dufus. You are supposed to be the go-to guy for engaging young readers. Your peppering of your discourse with references to the latest works you’ve read which will qualify to distract the precocious sets a certain tone and expectation. Hoban’s other “adult” books are worth checking out, also, even if not virtuoso displays like Riddley Walker. There’s still that aspect of linguistic highjinks at work. The economy of Kleinzeit comes to mind, in particular. Pinter’s script for Turtle Diary is based on a Hoban novel, too.

  2. Of course I knew that Russell Hoban wrote the Frances books, and I’m sure it was in the back of my mind that Riddley Walker was by Russel Hoban as well, but the two Russell Hobans never achieved identity. Two separate libraries, ten years apart.

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