Labyrinth, 11/24/08

Today I worked on splitting the paving stones using an arcane process explained to me by a video on Lowe’s website.  It took only an hour and a half to do the three arcs you can see here. 

The good news is that it won’t take me very long to finish the curves.  I even found a reliable source for soil today.

The bad news is that I’m annoyed I didn’t try this earlier; I could have been done. Still, it’s easy to do and doesn’t look bad at all.

I have all these leftover stones, about 340.  Here’s what I’m thinking: buy a drill press, drill holes in them, drive rebar into the ground at the cardinal points of the compass around the labyrinth, and then stack the stones in a kind of rusticated column.  Could be pretty spooky in the firelight.

However, my calculations have just shown, and I’m double-checking them as we speak, that if I use all the stones, my columns will be fourteen feet tall.  I’m thinking maybe no on the height.  But eight feet tall could be cool.  And top them with ceramic sculptures or something.

7 thoughts on “Labyrinth, 11/24/08

  1. I knew you could do this much easier than you originally planned. and I congratulate on your efforts. It is really beginning to look great. I also find it a bit ironic that you waited until I couldn’t walk to finally getting around to doing this.

  2. I now have a drill press. Love those impulse buys! Now I can create my little lighting tubes as well as any towers of pavers. AND ANY OTHER HOLES I WANT TO MAKE IN ANYTHING I WANT TO MAKE THEM IN. BWAHAHAHA!!!!!

  3. You have become an “hole” man or perhaps an “holier” man, or even a “whole” man. The possibilities are endless.

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