Labyrinth, 11/5/08

I worked this afternoon on changing the right-angle turns to the curves I had originally planned.

I think it works better, although I’m going to have to work on balancing them out a bit.

It becomes more and more obvious that I am going to have to rent a wet bandsaw to cut the stones for the curves and for the central circle. I have to do that soon, before the dirt is delivered, and I’d like to get all that done before Thanksgiving. Hm… rental for the Monday before, dirt spread that week, seed planted on the weekend. It’s not going to be lush and green for the Lichtenbergian annual meeting, but it will be finished in every real sense.

I like having a plan.

4 thoughts on “Labyrinth, 11/5/08

  1. Curves are always better than hard, straight lines. But I guess I’m a sucker for anthropomorphism.
    Besides…everyone loves a plan, eh?

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