A moderate bittersweetness

As you probably know, because half of you are in it, this weekend is the Lacuna Group’s all-male production of Coriolanus. It’s going to be entertaining. You should probably see it.

But what most of you don’t know is that this weekend was to have been the international world premiere of A Visit to William Blake’s Inn. In fact, at this very moment, we’d be at the reception honoring the production team, our international guests, and of course Nancy Willard, after what we can only assume would have been the triumphant opening performance.

Back when we were working to engage the community’s interest in the piece, we had to book the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts eighteen months in advance, and Don Nixon was more than willing to do that, so I found out when would be convenient for Nancy to come down, and this weekend was best. (It is Vassar’s fall break.) I marked it in my iCal. When the whole proposal fell through, I decided to leave it there so that I could watch it go by as time slipped away.

And slip away it has, has it not?

2 thoughts on “A moderate bittersweetness

  1. Hey, remember, too, that the Coriolanus production came about because we were speaking of your frustration with the inactivity of those who might assist in producing Blake’s Inn: we begin intoning on the lacuna blog the “cry of curs” speech and declaiming the possibility of a “world elsewhere.”

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