Labyrinth, 10/11/08

It’s late. I’ve had friends over to dine and drink and walk down to the theatre to see the company’s improv troupe, which was not at all bad. Some real talent there. I’d like to see their “best of” guys do a show.

After Coriolanus rehearsal this morning, I worked on laying out the rest of the labyrinth, always excepting the outer ring on the north side, where I must build up the soil to be more level.

You will notice that I have modified the plan I’ve been working with. Rather than the curved lines I’ve been using, I’ve used the more geometric form usually found in drawings and indeed in my tattoo. Naturally this is easier to lay out than cutting stones to fit curves. However, I’m not sure I like it better. I may try changing the switchbacks to the curved version I’ve been working with.

At any rate, now I have to get many truckloads of topsoil brought in, then fill in the whole pattern with the soil, then plant grass seed, water it, etc. I may actually have a completed labyrinth in time for the Annual Meeting of the Lichtenbergians.

Of course, to get the soil moved in, I have to get rid of the 1972 Mercedes-Benz that has been parked for three years in the only space I have available for dumping of soil.

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