Sir Christémas redux

You may recall, if you’ve been a faithful reader, that last year about this time I sent off a choral piece called “Sir Christémas” to the Welcome Christmas competition. Last year, the required accompaniment was celeste. (This year it was French horn, and I didn’t get anything written.)

You may also recall, or maybe I never shared, that after it didn’t win I tinkered around with it and reset it with organ. It’s been floating around out there, untouched since last fall, and now I have dusted it off for another round. I have added percussion this time to the organ accompaniment: tambourine, glockenspiel, tom-toms, and bass drum.

Here’s the score, and here’s the mp3.

I’m submitting it to the Masterworks Chorale for our Christmas concert. After reading through the stuff we’re considering last night, I figured that mine’s not as strange as a couple of them, as long as we’re being adventurous.

Also, today I put A Visit to William Blake’s Inn in the mail to George Contini at UGA.

I’ll keep you posted on both items.

3 thoughts on “Sir Christémas redux

  1. I really like the new arrangement. I’m can also say that the motif that I found reminiscent of a certain Disney song is less so in this new version 🙂

  2. Festal-tide and yule-ish in that barely post-pagan, hawthorne-berry way. Jolly good fun. How the hell will you rehearse it?

  3. Hey, I win! That’s exactly the feeling I was going for!

    I’ll worry about rehearsing it when Masterworks decides to do it. But I have a plan.

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