A step forward?

Next Thursday, May 15, I’ll be heading down to LaGrange to meet with Lee Johnson, composer. He was recommended by Jeff Baxter as a potential instructor for me, and he’s agreed to meet with me and discuss it. I’m taking the score to IV. Lento with me to amuse him.

In other news, last night I received an offer that was very difficult to turn down: the opportunity to collaborate on a musical version of Bram Stoker’s classic vampire novel, Dracula, for performance this Halloween in Grantville or environs. Because of my longstanding commitment to A Day in the Moonlight, I felt I had to decline. But you can understand how tempting it was, from so many perspectives.

11 thoughts on “A step forward?

  1. Don’t turn down something you want to do on my account. I stopped holding my breath a long time ago.

    Seriously, I am in no hurry for Moonlight.

  2. There you go, Dale. No excuses. Do you need Wilson’s phone number? I think we’ve got it back at the office.

  3. Something like Pierrot Lunaire, but with more Karo syrup and red food coloring.

  4. Okay, okay, I’m joking. I realize Wilson had a tight hold on your wrist, whispering “Like Phantom, like Phantom…”

  5. All right, smarty-pantses, someone write me a scene/solo. What am I working with here… piano, double bass? sax? flute?

  6. No interest in following through with this at present, but he’s an idea; free of charge. Make the piece for solo soprano and some chamber instrumentation. In the spirit of Voi Humane or that mad song by Schoenberg, Lucy waits in her bedroom for the Count’s ultimate visit. She is not sure what is real and what isn’t; hallucinates the Count’s previous visits, etc. That’s it. You can have her tell as much of the story as you want. Would require a singer/actress.

  7. Remember that this would be a collaboration, and I’m pretty sure the author is looking more towards a traditional staging, which is not to say we couldn’t subvert it.

  8. When is our rehearsal, anyway? I mean for the other thing at the end of May. Did we get some dates?

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