54 days: tiny steps

Despite allergies that will not let go, I was determined to get some work done tonight, and I did.

It was not much at all, but tiny steps are better than lying down and whining about only having 54 days left to finish two movements.

For the Lento, I was able to suggest a couple more approaches to thematic development, on paper at least. My problem at this point is that I’ll have to scrap what I’ve got so far in order to use any of the new stuff, because wedging it into what is already there is just not practical. Maybe I’ll just print it out at school and literally cut and paste it into the new configuration.

I keep hearing fully articulated, traditional, organic development at the edges of my consciousness, but not front and center enough for me to be able to transcribe. It’s very frustrating. What I get onto paper is stodgy and strophic when it needs to be fluid. I will persevere.

When I’d had enough of that, I went back to the Allegro gracioso and began to orchestrate in earnest. I got three strophes done that sound very nice. I think I’ll tackle the end next, and then work my way back from there.

I am assisted in this movement by some Johann Strauss scores in Google Books. It’s very helpful to see how he’s orchestrated his greatest hits, even if mine sound completely different.

Still no mp3s.

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