61 days: more productivity

I was very productive today, albeit not entirely with the symphony. I got the herb garden mulched, I got new life insurance, Marc and I checked out the new parks downtown as performance venues, I did a lot of reading (War & Peace and the Dissanayake), and I almost went to the auditions for David Wilson’s 4th of July play, but I forgot about them until too late.

With the symphony, I did listen to III. Allegro gracioso while I drove around town, but am no closer to an ending.

I decided to work outside the score on IV. Largo, trying, as I’ve said previously, break up the agitato motif and create a workable theme with it. I’ve filled a page and a half with “abortive sketches,” one or two of which show promise. I had to keep stepping back and reminding myself that the theme, whatever it ended up being, had to elicit some kind of triumphant, joyful feeling. I think I’ve got some bits to do that with now.

Part of what helped was also listening to Dvorak’s Symphony No. 8 as I drove around, listening once again to how he did it. (It is also in G major, interestingly.) I pulled out my copy of the score this evening and studied some pieces that had struck me earlier in the day; I’m not sure I learned anything concrete, but that’s my lack of academic training in such matters.

Anyway, I’m hearing some bits more clearly now, and I may go back to IV. Lento tomorrow and see what I can put into practice. No mp3s tonight.

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