63 days: Here we go

It’s spring break for me, which means I have some time off to get some real work done on the Symphony.

Of course it’s not that simple. On Thursday we go up to Greensboro to see Grayson and hear his girlfriend’s junior recital (she’s a percussionist) and see his best friend in Cloud Nine. That means I really have only three days to get work done.

And of course there’s a whole list of other things that have to be done: the garden has to be mulched; the kitchen has to be cleaned, a bigger project than you might think; a sofa table has to be converted into an entertainment center; and finally, I have to figure out how to use that Miracle Putty as seen on TV to repair a whole list of items around the house. I’m sure there are other items that are not on my list. Yet.

Still, I have high hopes for getting III. Allegro gracioso finished this week, unless I start hearing voices again: “…in re: Straussian, less J. Jr. and more R., please…” Only the voices don’t say please, they say, “…or it will never work…”

Here’s a photo of the herb garden: I found thyme, added some spicy basil, and look at all the lettuces! That’s a new thing for me. We’ll see if it works or whether I’m going to be feeding rabbits and chipmunks.

My herb garden, ready to be mulched.

One thought on “63 days: Here we go

  1. Channel 95–I think, on Newnan Utilities’ Cable/Digital line-up–is looking for programming. Put together a proposal for a Herb show. I know a guy. Remember, it ain’t real until you have a show.

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