68 days: experiencing a slight delay

I doubt I will get much done on III. Allegro gracioso tonight, since the gastrointestinal distress which afflicted me on Saturday morning is now revealed not to have been connected to any quantity of tequila at all, but merely the precursor to a kidney stone, which settled in quite nicely during the course of today.

Even if we get back from seeking medical attention in time for me to work, I’m determined that I will be too medicated to do so.

update: Four and a half hours later, we got back home. IV fluids, CT scan, and of course absolutely no pain that might indicate I was anything but a drug-seeking hypochondriac. Fortunately, I guess that’s the word I’m looking for, the scans did reveal two stones, one on each side, just resting. I am armed with meds.

This is extremely irritating. First, of course, there’s the entire evening spent in the ER, and then there’s the possibility of the pain arriving just when I want to work. Hey, maybe it’s another chance to submit to Dionysus: enough Vicodin and I can whack out the rest of IV. Lento without batting an eye.


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